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Term of Use : Version1.3

Valid from 11/11/2013


Independent- Freedom- Happiness


1PAY Network provides online open payment platform services to support individuals and organizations (developers, companies following referred to Merchants) requesting to provide the digital products to end-customers (end users). 1PAY will provide TECHNICAL PLATFORM INFRASTRUCTURE AND INTEGRATED PAYMENT SERVICES to help Merchants requesting to use 1Pay’s online payment platform services as a tool of charging of products from end-customers. By registering our members, Merchants implicitly agree to the TERMS OF USE Our listed below:


The registration of member’s account and online business needs to ensure abide by law of Socialist Republic of Vietnam:

- Based on the Civil Code of the National Assembly of the Socialist Republic of Vietnam was validated on 14 May 06, 2005;

- Based on the Trade Law of the National Assembly of the Socialist Republic of Vietnam was validated on 14 May 06, 2005;

- Electronic trading Law No.51/2005/QH11 was validated by Congress on 29/11/2005;

- Decree No. 57/2006/ND-CP was validated about e-commerce by the Government on 09/06/2006 of

- Circular No 09/2008/TT-BCT issued by the Ministry of Industry and guiding E-Commerce decrees about providing information and sign the contract on e-commerce websites on 21/07/2008;

- Based on Telecommunication Law day 23 month November year 2009;

- Decree No. 97/2008/ND-CP of Government: Fix, add some articles of Decree No 90/2008/ND-CP on 13th August, 2008 of Government about against spam letter

- Decree No 72/2013/ND-CP of Government: Manage, provide and use Internet services and online information;

- Based on certificate provide the online social services No 57/GXN-TTDT on 17th  June, 2013 of Radio, TV administration and e-information;

Article 1: Notes and commitment before use

1.1. Overview

a) Those term of use take effect from 0 hours on 11th November 2013, all members, individuals and organizations using the services at 1Pay required to read and commit to this content on registration and using 1PAY’s services. This Terms of Use is a legal value as document signed trade between 1PAY and users, all members use any service on 1Pay understood that the default  signed on this commitment and responsible under the law of the Socialist Republic of Vietnam.

b) Merchants must read and agree with all the provisions in these Terms of Use before using 1PAY. If you disagree with any of the regulations, Merchants should not use 1PAY. When used, it means that Merchants 1PAY completely voluntary agree with all of the provisions in these Terms of Use.

c) The provision in these terms of use includes five articles. The main and sub-titles of this Terms of Use are only for reference and not limit the scope of each item.

1.2. Change content:

a) 1PAY can modify the contents of this Terms of Use at any time.

b) The changes in the agreement will be announced on the website http://1pay.vn prior to the applicable time (effective date) at least fifteen (15) days.

c) If Merchants do not agree with the content modified, you can terminate to use 1PAY, or send objective document to 1PAY before the effective date. Conversely, if there is no movement, it that means Merchants agree with the content changed.

d) In case 1PAY does not accept the objective document of the Merchants, on the effective date, this agreement is automatically terminated.

e) The use provisions are modified the most recent modification, version No 1.3, valid from 11/11/2013.

Article 2 - Regulations on create a member account (called a nick name or use the online account)

2.1. Concept:

- 1PAY provide for each person or entity (Merchants) registration to create account and use 1PAY (hereinafter referred to Merchant) a member account (hereinafter referred to "1PAY Account" or "Account ").

- Each account is owned by a Merchant through correspondence to: full name, civil identity card number / passport / business registration, e-mail address and mobile phone number of legitimate which Merchant provide when creating your account registration with 1PAY.

- Merchant must take full responsibility for the accuracy of the information registered or modification on the system of 1PAY.

2.2 Open account

- To sign up opening account, Merchant needs a working normal email address , then Merchant enter the website at http://1pay.vn , select registration your account and fill information, follow the steps under the guidance of 1PAY. After successfully completing registration, Merchant will have an account on the system and can use 1PAY account immediately.

2.3. Close accounts:

a) The right of the Merchant:

  Merchant can close your account by logging into Merchant’s account and request according to our guide in order that we close account for Merchant.

b) Restriction of the Merchant:

- Merchant should not suggest closing the account when Merchant’s account under investigation / complaint or transaction is on hold awaiting transfer or receive.

- If Merchant has still proposed closing the account in this case, 1PAY will custody and / or freeze all amount of money in the account of the Merchant and all the money is on hold switch, wait for connection relating to Merchant's account at the time of that Merchant sending requirement closing account.

- Detention time and / or can freeze can up to one hundred and eighty (180) days to ensure the safety for 1PAY or other third parties.

- Merchant will be responsible for legal relating to Merchant's account even if the account was closed.

c) The closing the account right of 1PAY

- If Merchant violate the commitment about using the services of 1PAY. 1PAY has the right to close your account and custody entire balance in the account of the Merchant.

- If within one hundred eighty (180) days from the date of Merchant’s account was closed because the reason were mentioned on above term, Merchant does not have any the feedback, amount of the detainees of Merchant will be transferred to Providing funds  of1PAY, and when that Merchant will not be required to refund that money and 1PAY have no responsibility for refunding that amount to the Merchant.

- If 1PAY close Merchant’s account or terminate to use service for any reason, we will send a notice to the Merchant. If 1PAY limited access to Merchant's account, we will send a notice about that action to the Merchant and opportunities for re-use if appropriate

Article 3 - The regulation of content

Members must bear full responsibility for the legality, copyright, business licenses, quality and content of the digital products that Merchant provide to the market. 1PAY does not have any responsibility relating to these products. The above responsibilities include (but are not limited to) the following:

- Commit fully responsible before the law for all business, trade, product, service, and their online transactions on using integrated payment solutions of 1PAY.

- Do not use the online payment service's 1PAY for some digital products (eg apps / games / images / clips) was copyrighted without permission of the author, in violation of the provisions of intellectual property.

- Do not promo to matter against the Socialist Republic of Vietnam government, which are detrimental to national security, public order, social security, undermining national unity bloc; propaganda war aggression; cause hatred, conflict between ethnic, racial, religious, propaganda, inciting violence, obscene, pornographic, crime, social evils, superstition, vandalism fine traditions of the nation.

- Do not post in the distorted information, slander, insult the prestige of the organization, honor and dignity of citizen.

- Do not take advantage of the debate in 1PAY (wall, discuss are…) and / or website to defame, denigrate competitors, advertising, propaganda, purchase goods / services as well as banned as well as perform competitive unethical or contrary behavior to the law.

The violation of Article 3 would lead the account and / or the digital products (For example: applications entertainment on mobile, mobile games, images, video clips), exchanging information around the type of other content / work of Merchant suspended payment services of 1PAY or permanently deleted without prior notice.

Article 4 - Changes in Terms of Use

In order to make our community stronger and more developed, 1PAY has the right to change the content of this Terms of Use on the basis of ensuring maximum (the possibility of) the rights and obligations of the members of that without prior notice. Moderators will be notified every time the rules change.

Article 5 - The provision of the information and debate information

5.1. Information:

Merchant must report accurately all information including : full name, email, mobile phone number, identification number (ID card, passport), address or business name, business registration number, email, phone and address contacts.

- To ensure that Merchant 1PAY can have ability to access and use the features fully.

- To ensure that Merchant will receive notifications regarding your account, transactions of Merchant quickly and accurately.

- To solve the most convenient and fast claims incurred during the transaction in 1PAY

- To meet one of the conditions when Merchant request drawing from Account.

5.2. Responsibilities of 1PAY

a) Keep secret completely Merchant’s Information and account information of Merchant.

b) Do not sell, exchange of Merchant’s information to third parties except as required by the authority having jurisdiction.

c) Be responsible for guiding, providing for Merchant the information and necessary documents required to use 1PAY.

d) Can block, suspense, limit or your access of Merchant to the services of 1PAY.

e) Coordinate and provide information to the authorities in case of complaints, with accusations of financial fraud, violations of law

f) Confirm full to the Merchant on having impact behavior, change, update and obsolete relating to the Merchant’s information.

5.3 Responsibilities of Merchant:

a) Declare full and accurate Merchant and account’s information.

b) Update regularly when there are changes in the above information.

c) Secure maximum personal information of Merchant should not exchange or lend account at 1PAY.

d) Confirm immediately to 1PAY on being lost, misplaced, reveal accounts of Merchant.

e) Coordinate with 1PAY and authorities in the event of a dispute, complaints relating to your account.

f) Abide by the regulations about safety and security.

g) When make a transaction on the system 1PAY, Merchant is responsible for understanding the transaction, 1PAY is not responsible for the confusion caused by the Merchant.

Article 6 - Disclaimer responsible Terms of 1PAY

When Merchant use integration online payment solutions provided by 1PAY, Merchant accept that 1PAY only provides payment platform solutions that does not have any relation to the business activities, legality with digital products that Merchant provide customers.

As a open payment platform, 1PAY is not responsible for the correctness, legality, problems related to content copyright about contents and information provided by the users and post on, the user must have responsibility for the information content inserted, stored or transmitted on the Internet according to law. 1PAY have the right to stop and remove the information content detected on violating or getting reflected by the user or according to the request of the state agency having jurisdiction.


(Signed, Stamped)