Online payment platform in Vietnam, support full of method: SDK, API

The preeminent open payment platform

An integration for all methods and means of payment in many different countries.

Easy integration

Support all means of integration (APIs)

Easy to integrate APIs quickly and simply in only 4-6 steps.

The library of SDKs supports many kinds of platforms that make the process of integration quicker and more convenient.

The set of technical document library of 1Pay contains all integration methods (APIs, etc.) and concrete intergration guidance (sample code, testing environment and so on). View more details here

Introduction of 1Pay’s APIs

An APIs can connect all payment services of 1Pay.

Current payment services of 1Pay include:

  • CARD: Support phone scratch card and game card payment method.
  • SMS: Supporting short code payment method.
  • SMSplus: Support payment via a special code.
  • API OTP: Support payment via a special payment method of Telcos, which has a verification code of OTP.
  • LOCAL BANK: Support payment via local ATM cards.
  • VISA / MASTER CARD: Support payment via international cards.
  • SMS IPAY: Support payment via a special code, full prices.

View more details here

Global platform

Multi-country, Multi-currency

With open platforms that have been built scince the beginning, such as multy-country, multy-currency and multi-language based on transaction and a lots of other open and modern technologies. 1PAY payment platform is built by a highly-experienced team in the field of bank and payment gateway, deployed and upgraded constantly. Along with the slogan “The simplest payment platform”, 1PAY has been provinding Merchant with all payment methods under a simple connection, easy integration and absolute security.

Accept all payment methods from any users in any places.

1Pay has now supported payment methods on the markets of Vietnam and Indonesia. In the near future, 1Pay will expand its services to Southeast Asia and the whole world.

Debouch to international market: including 2+ types of currency New

1Pay automatically process the exchange rates to ensure that merchants can directly charge end-users in their domestic currency.

Optimality of operation

The platform is designed for optimizing the operation (Online and Real time) with a lots of powerful tools

With the core mission “1PAY – the simplest payment platform”, 1Pay provides individuals and enterprises with the easiest payment service ever. Customers are able to approach all types of currently marketed payment method with ease and quickness.

In addition, 1Pay has built many systems and operation supporting tools to meet maximum need of interactive activities between Merchants and 1Pay. The following are several noticeable features which helps Merchants develop business without limitation:

  • Engaging in 1PAY in 03 easy steps.

  • Smart dashboard and analysis systems.

  • Online Systems of product management and ON/ OFF payment services.

  • Flexible and online adjustable payment policies.

  • Online and automatic cross-checking system.

  • Smart alert and service monitoring tools.

  • Effective and smart diversion system.

  • Smart Look-up and customer care system.

  • CRM and Loyalty systems help merchants to raise effectiveness

Absolute security

Applying modern security technologies complying with International security standards.

We guarantee that all transaction information will be secured by many types of medthods and top standard technologies. We secure them by remaining the use of physical and electron protection solutions, and the procedure is applied under tearms of information security law. Use SSL to secure HTTP connection. Certified by GEO. Simple data encryption system ensures full of security via AES, SHA256, RSA.

  • Connection Security

    Using SSL (Secure Sockets Layer) to secure HTTP connection. Certified by GEO.

  • Data Security

    Firewall system prevents illegal accesses as well as attacks from outside.

  • Two-layer verification

    Single-use password method (OTP) is sent via SMS to guarantee that the access to accounts is authenticated.